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awaken one womb, awaken one million


a journey of intelligent awareness : gold womb space

This site is in creation to educate about the multi faceted importance of women’s womb space. It is here the Golden Ratio : Phi 1.618 applies as creation happens. It is dark place, warm and moist … an empty space full of potential for manifestation / alchemy / creation, imitating the nature of our earth AND our universe, the Cosmic Womb… the first point of physical contact, the welcoming, an entry point of source forming into matter, the seat of the soul for both man & woman. When this fact is nourished, revered and cared for in specific ways, women then have the capacity to maintain a refined spacial awareness for all things in creation ~ an aware intelligent mother, means an aware intelligent child. When a woman is held with presence, the chaotic intelligence is maintained as a felt sense of unified connection, the sensuosity of intimate love.

She’s the first point of physical contact.

She’s the source here on earth.

Lets get to the heart of the matter.

We are ready to know safety, trust & divine union.

Our humanity needs aware, intelligent children.

Here, I invite both women & men to embark on a journey of honoring the womb space with intelligent awareness.

Are you ready to co-create?

Gold Womb Space is a site for all people ready to refine their subtle awareness, conceive and / or raise children, and awaken; a gentle, safe way .. intelligent awareness.

Women are the Mother. The womb is the Cosmos.